Cuban Doctors Work Continues Despite Aggressions against Venezuela

By Elizabeth Borrego Rodriguez

Caracas, Mar 21 (Prensa Latina) More than 2,500 Cuban doctors are currently serving in the Venezuelan state of Miranda, the territory with the largest number of specialists and institutions in the Barrio Adentro Mission, with more than 16 years in the country.

Faced with the media campaign aimed at attacking this noble work, its directors insist they are professionals who, apart from providing services in institutions, visit homes, schools, deliver medicines or carry out activities in the community.

Manuel Blanco, the coordinator of the Cuban collaborators in the area, dismissed the media campaign such as The New York Times or Univision as part of the pressure scheme against the South American nation.

After the unanswered calls for dropouts from the Bolivarian National Armed Force, they now focus their agenda on Cuban doctors, Blanco denounced.

With 66 Comprehensive Community Diagnosis Areas, the Cuban representation in Miranda extends from the most luxurious areas, in towns such as Chacao or Baruta, to the most humble urbanizations such as Valles del Tuy or Petare.

‘Barrio Adentro does not distinguish in political affiliation or social stratum, on the contrary, it concentrates on the human treatment of patients’ , said Jetzael Portilla, Head of Mission in Miranda.

More than 1,250 doctors’ offices, two high-tech centers and an equal number of maternal and child care institutions are added to the services in the state, the third most densely populated in the South American nation, he said.

Social care is provided to foreigners, particularly Colombians, Brazilians and emigrants from Arab countries settled in Venezuela, he added.

While these media accuse the Cuban Medical Mission as a political instrument, the more than 23,000 Cuban collaborators in the nation do not cease their social work, he concluded.


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