Cuban doctors treat thousands of Nepalese quake-victims

HAVANA, Cuba, May 20 (acn) The Cuban medical brigade sent to Nepal after several major earthquakes hit that Asian nation have seen over 1000 patients including some needing surgeries, brigade members informed on Twitter.

The Cuban specialists are working in a hospital, located in the city of Kirtipur, district of Katmandu, hard hit by the quakes.

Since very early hours, Nepalese patients arrive at the hospital everyday looking for the assistance o the Cuban doctors, who are part of the Henry Reeves medical brigade specialized in disasters and severe epidemics.

The hospital provides necessary post-catastrophe services, such as surgeries and intensive care and rehabilitation with all technical resources.

The Cuban doctors arrived in Nepal on May 12 to treat the victims of a 7.8 quake that rocked the 28-million-inhabitant nation on April 25, but on arrival day another 7.3 quake hit the country worsening the situation to be faced by the Cubans, since local authorities described the event as a real disaster.

The two quakes plus the aftershocks have claimed over 8 600 lives, while there is the risk for the outbreak of epidemics, since authorities do not count on resources to shelter over one million people that lost their homes, in one of the poorest nations of the world.

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