Cuban doctors arrive in Angolan provinces

Luanda, May 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuban doctors began working in Angola’s provinces to contribute to the government’s efforts to prevent and fight Covid-19, news sources reported today.

Reports from public television and the Angolan press agency (ANGOP) reported on the welcome given to the island’s professionals, who served a period of quarantine here, which included laboratory tests to rule out possible infection by the novel coronavirus.

On Friday, 17 Cuban doctors , specialists in general medicine, radiology, intensive care and neurology, began their work in the southern province of Huila, at about 900 kilometers from Luanda, said ANGOP from Lubango, the capital city of that territory.

There they were received by Governor Luis Nunes, who distinguished the willingness to increase the technical capacity and the assistance response with the participation of the island’s experts.

Angola and Cuba, the official recalled, are two countries that, despite the geographical distance, maintain their ties of brotherhood and fraternity.

Nunes told the newcomers that he was absolutely sure that they would find there the right preparation of the government members to work closely together to ‘improve the quality of medical care for the benefit of our populations.’

So far, Angola has recorded 36 positive cases from Covid-19, including two deaths, 11 patients who managed to overcome the virus and 23 under hospital care.


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