Cuban doctors add another formal Nobel nomination in the United Kingdom

London, Dec 3 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban medical brigade Henry Reeve today added the sixth nomination for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize made by parliamentarians from the United Kingdom, with the formal request sent by the Labor Party MP Claudia Webbe.

In her letter to the Norwegian committee in charge of granting the international recognition, Webbe highlighted the work carried out by the contingent of Cuban health workers since its creation in 2005, according to a statement sent to Prensa Latina by the director of the Solidarity Campaign with Cuba (CSC), Rob Miller.

Over the past 15 years, around 10,000 members of the Henry Reeve International Brigade have saved 90,000 lives by caring for victims of natural disasters and health emergencies, wrote the district representative from Leicester East, England.

She added that she considers ‘truly inspiring’ the humanitarian and selfless decision made by Cuba to use its experience and professionalism to help other countries fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus affects people without distinction of nationality, and Cuba has shown how capable countries can help those most in need, regardless of their political position or current situation, she said.

Noting that these courageous actions by the Henry Reeve Brigade contribute to saving many lives, Webbe urged the Norwegian committee to recognize the solidarity, internationalism and humanism demonstrated by Cuban health workers with the Nobel Peace Prize.

In addition to the six British legislators, two members of the Scottish regional Parliament, Neil Findlay and Elaine Smith, and the scholars Alpesh Maisuria, Matt Henn, Helen Colley and Helen Yaffe also formalized their proposals before the Norwegian committee in favor of Cuban doctors.

According to the rules of the Swedish Academy, nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize can only be made by parliamentarians, academics, magistrates of international courts, people already awarded and active or retired members of the committee, and have a deadline of February 1 of each year.

The CSC also maintains an online petition in support of the granting of international recognition to the Henry Reeve brigade, which has so far accumulated more than 6,600 signatures.


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