Cuban Doctor Thanks Brazilian Patients for Love

Havana, Nov 27 (Prensa Latina) ‘The people of Brazil warmly welcomed me, something I will never forget,’ Dr. Katrina Anaya told Prensa Latina on Tuesday upon arriving in Cuba after fulfilling a mission in that South American country.

While sharing some of her experiences in the More Doctors Program, she asserted that the humblest sectors of Brazil will miss the doctors who carried love and solidarity to their homes.

‘We provided health care to the people who were in need, added the collaborator shortly after arriving at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport, after the Cuban Ministry of Public Health’s decision to withdraw from the program, due to disrespectful and aggressive statements by Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro.’

It was also the sentiment from Dr. Daniel Diaz, who was happy to be in Cuba after being away from his family and Cuba’s warmth for so long.

‘I keep in my heart beautiful and sad memories of Brazil from that people who welcomed us with open arms,’ Diaz stressed.

The poorest of that nation, he noted, need and will need Cuban doctors, those who arrived in the most remoted communities where other doctors had never arrived.

‘We helped the people a lot and there was great acceptance for our services. We are proud of our work,’ the specialist added to Prensa Latina.

About 200 Cuban doctors working in Brazil returned home on Tuesday after taking primary health care to remote communities in Brazil.

This is the eighth group of collaborators who arrive in Cuba.

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