Cuban Doctor Is Satisfied with Mission Accomplished

Havana, Dec 9 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Doctor Yaima Borges on Sunday stated that she is returning from Brazil with the satisfaction of her mission accomplished, after providing medical care to very poor people in that country.

As part of the More Doctors Program, I spent three years in the northeastern Brazilian state of Paraiba, where I worked in Triunfo municipality, the collaborator, one of nearly 20,000 Cubans who worked over the past five years in vulnerable communities, told Prensa Latina.

According to Borges, the joy of returning to Cuba was accompanied by a feeling of sadness for knowing that poor people could be left without health care.

The Cuban doctors worked in remote places in Brazil, where other doctors do not want to go, that explains the gratitude and sadness expressed by patients when we left, she said.

Given the hostility from President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, the Cuban Ministry of Public Health announced on November 14 the decision to withdraw from the More Doctors Program.

Since November 22, most of 8,300 medical professionals who were in Brazil at the time of the decision have returned to Cuba, and new flights are expected in the next few hours and days.

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