Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Describes Visit to Mexico as Excellent

By Luis Manuel Arce Isaac

Mexico, Apr 13 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra Diaz on Saturday described his official visit to Mexico, which he started last Wednesday until today, as excellent.

Sierra headed the delegation to the 7th Meeting of the Permanent Mechanism of Information and Political Consults between the Cuban and Mexican foreign ministries, held with his counterpart, Maximiliano Reyes Zuñiga, and several officials.

In exclusive statements to Prensa Latina, Sierra noted that the Cuban delegation accomplished its goals and aspirations that brought us to Mexico, like establishing productive dialogue with authorities to review bilateral agreements, taking common stances on the regional situation and international forums, and analyzing the state of relations.

It was important to come to Mexico, a country with which we are united by a special relationship and great love for the Mexican people; that is, a relationship of friendship and brotherhood with historic ties woven along years in all spheres: political, economic, cultural, scientific and technological, he added.

The victory of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is a unique opportunity to preserve what Mexico and Cuba have achieved in all these years, and to continue to advance and promote the ties of friendship and cooperation. We have achieved that goal and the prospects are promising to reinforce and boost that bilateral relationship.

Sierra recalled that Mexico is Cuba’s second major trading partner in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the fifth in the world. Its trade totals 500 million dollars, which is not a significant volume from the global viewpoint, but it is important for the magnitude of Cuba’s foreign trade.

The potential is big, as well as the possibilities to grow, due to Mexico’s interest in selling and Cuba’s interest in exporting whatever it can amid its economic situation. I am confident in continuing to make progress in that field and the conditions are favorable for trade of goods and services to increase.

The diplomat noted that Mexico is Cuba’s major tourist-sending market in Latin America and the Caribbean, thus influencing the trade and payment balance. There are many opportunities and we have to work to boost relations and investments from Mexico, which has successfully arrived at the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM).

Regarding Cuba’s eventual participation in Mexico’s economic development plan, above all in the south of the country, Sierra stated that the issue has not been discussed, but if there is a chance and interest, the Cuban Government is willing to assess any proposals in that regard.

Finally, Sierra said that the government of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is a mouthful of oxygen for Latin America and the Caribbean for two main reasons: because it means to incorporate Mexico with a participative and humanistic vision into a much more objective approach on the region’s concern.

In addition, because Mexico has a huge moral authority and its foreign policy in the region is very active and it can contribute, with that vision on the defense of the principles of international law and the United Nations Charter, to the solution of conflicts in the region, and it is called to play a major role in at present.


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