Cuban Delegation Abandons Civil Society Forum

HAVANA, April 8 (acn) —The Cuban delegation to Panama´s Social Forum abandoned its opening session on Wednesday in a strong response to the presence of paid-mercenaries at the event.

No mercenaries can ever self-proclaim being representatives of civil society. This is unacceptable, said Cuban intellectual Luis Morlote speaking to journalists.

The action of the Cuban delegation was largely reported on twitter by many supporters of the island using the hashtags like #PensandoAmericas, #NuestraAmericaIndependiente, #FueraAsesinoDelChe. This latest hashtag expressed the rejection against the presence in Panama of Felix Rodriguez Mendigutia, fully involved in the assassination of Cuban-Argentinean guerrilla fighter Ernesto Che Guevara, in Bolivia.

Che represents the purest ethical and revolutionary ideals for all Latin American youths who fight for a better world.

In this regards, the president of the Continental Latin American and Caribbean Organization, Ricardo Guardia issued a public letter to the organizers of the civil society forum of the Summit of the Americas.

It is disgusting the fact that an individual like Felix Rodriguez, with such personal background, comes to Panama to join the traitors that have inexplicably been accepted at the forum of civil society to speak their minds about the fate of our homeland, said the regional leader, whose letter can be accessed at

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