Cuban Dancer Premieres a Ballet from Magdeburg, Germany

Berlin, Apr 6 (Prensa Latina) The first dancer of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba (BNC) Grettel Morejon will perform today the role of Mina in the premiere of Dracula, of the German Magdeburg Ballet, at the invitation of the director and choreographer Gonzalo Galguera.

The artist travelled to the German company two months ago to take part in the premieres of the ballets Dracula and Raymonda, in Galguera’s version, who invited her to assume the leading roles in both.

The choreographer, in the dancer’s opinion, is very creative, extremely respectful of music, doesn’t like the easy or meaningless steps and tries to assemble each movement from the logic of what he wants to express.

Every staging becomes a process and in it the ability of the choreographer to express from different angles is very important. Sometimes, one believes that something works, but when it does, it doesn’t work out as expected. There, the solutions found by the choreographer sometimes constitute a trump card, Morejon observed.

As the artist told Prensa Latina, Galguera’s right hand and assistant is the Russian teacher Olga Ilieva, who is attentive to every detail that doesn’t work or isn’t understood and is quite meticulous in terms of body expression, angles, pantomime, everything.

Magdeburg, capital of the federal region of Saxony-Anhalt, has one of the oldest and most prestigious classical ballet companies in Germany.

The Magdeburg Theatre will host Dracula’s seasons on April 6 and 12, May 23 and June 2, while Raymonda will take the stage on May 5, 10 and 29.

Morejon has been guest dancer of the National Ballet of Peru, in several of its seasons, as well as of the Sofia Festival Ballet in Sofia, Bulgaria and Catania, Italy.

She has also participated in festivals and galas in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile and, together with the BNC, has performed in Costa Rica, Egypt, Spain, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Italy, Mexico, the United States and China, among other countries.


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