Cuban Company Combiomed’s Cardiology Products Stand Out

By Reina Magdariaga

Havana, Jun 29 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban company Combiomed runs three main lines of business to guarantee good cardiovascular health, the firm’s commercial director, Leonor Galvez, said here today.

In our portfolio, we have equipment to rehabilitate and monitor patients and for electro-stimulation, Galvez told Prensa Latina.

According to the executive, the equipment includes the wrist oximeter, which measures the oxygenation of the blood; the digital sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure, and a family of electrocardiographs.

She also mentioned the Doctus VIII, a device that can measure up to eight physiological parameters; a crash car with a defibrillator, and the spirometer, which measures how much air a person’s lungs can hold.

In addition, the company exports medical equipment made by the Central Digital Research Institute (ICID), including a primary care kit made up of several apparatuses and other materials to be used by physicians in faraway areas.

The list of products also includes the signal holter, which monitors the patient’s electrocardiographic register for a long time in an ambulatory way, and the electrical stimulator Stimul W, which prevents and cures ulcers, and speeds up the healing of open and surgical wounds, Galvez added.

In addition to exporting its products, mainly to Venezuela, Combiomed distributes them in Cuba’s National Health System.

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