Cuban Circus Company Won Bronze Medal in France

Havana, Jan 30 (Prensa Latina) ”Havana” Company of the National Circus of Cuba won the bronze medal at the 38th Tomorrow’s Circus World Festival held in Paris, France, the Caribbean cultural entity reported today.

The young Cuban circus group performed an horizontal bar air act with two levators.

According to a statement from the National Circus, Argentina and Cuba were the only two prize-winning Latin American countries at this Galician festival, where the most innovative and daring acts were performed by over 17 nations.

Such event is the second oldest one of its kind in the world; and ‘Havana’ Company, made up of eight gymnasts, won one of the biggest applause to the rhythm of the infectious Cumbanchero, composed by Puerto Rican Rafael Hernandez.

‘Havana’ Company also won the Grand Prix of the international festival ‘Circuba 2016’ in Cuba last summer, with its own horizontal bar air act with levitators.


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