Cuban Children’s Company La Colmenita Attends Art Festival in Ecuador

Quito, Nov 13 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban children’s theater company La Colmenita, has traveled on Tuesday to Loja city, where it will offer two shows as part of the 3rd Edition of the Living Arts Festival, held in that Ecuadorian city.

Cuban artists arrived in this capital on Monday, excited and full of expectations about their participation in the event, aimed at positioning themselves as a national and international cultural reference.

Claudia ‘Muma’ Alvariño, La Colmenita’s teacher and member of the staff, told Prensa Latina this is the group’s second presentation in this South American country, after 2006, so they are very happy to visit the Middle of the World.

Rene Bolaños, musical director of the show, said they will perform the piece ‘La Cucarachita Martina (‘ The Little Cockroach Martina ‘), accompanied by its own band, in charge of the musical moment, at live.

About the play, he stressed that it has been performed for years, but this time will have a cast with children going abroad for the first time, so they have given a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the show.

The Cuban musician also said La Colmenita currently has a lot of work and commented on the summer’s work in La Colmena TV (‘The Beehive TV’) program, made by the company and whose musical, theatrical and dance productions have been incorporated into the group’s tours throughout Cuba, with adaptations taking into account the place where they are presented.

The 3rd Loja Living Arts Festival, hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador, will be held from November 15 to 25.

The event not only shows great and important works and presentations of renowned foreign artists, but also enhances the artistic quality and significance of national talents.

Some 20 groups from this nation will conclude with more than a dozen foreign performances from countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Spain, France and Italy.

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