Cuban Builders Prepare Brigades for Disasters

Havana, May 19 (Prensa Latina) Construction groups in Cuba have among their priorities to enlist engineering brigades of classify collapsed structures (Bicec) to deal with probable disasters.

Among the newly registered Bicecs are those belonging to the Eproyiv Company from the design and engineering branch, highlighted Ivette Alejo, main specialist in Civil Defense of the Ministry of Construction.

According to what Alejo explained to Prensa Latina, the brigades receive training to classify, detect and evaluate the collapsed structures in cooperation with public health institutions, the Fire Department, the Cuban Red Cross and other state institutions.

They are also prepared to provide shoring for buildings and facilitate the safe passage of forces and specialized groups in rescue works, the expert added.

Located in different provinces of Cuba, Alejo said, Bicecs have personnel, means of transportation and specialized machinery which are part of business structures in the design and engineering’s areas, construction and assembly.

According to the specialist, the main goal is to contribute to the response capacity in order to prevent and mitigate the possible devastations caused by earthquakes, tsunamis and other extreme events.

Experiences from hurricanes Mathew and Irma in recent years have helped to improve training of the Bicecs, as well as economic and financial planning to acquire the technical and protection resources, he stressed.

According to Alejo, the increase in the frequency and severity of natural events during the past 10 years, largely associated with climate change, requires strengthening capacities to deal with potential earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, intense tropical cyclones and health-related incidents.

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