Cuban blockade is more inhumane in time of Covid-19, French lawmaker says

Paris, Jun 17 (Prensa Latina) The inhumane nature of the US blockade against Cuba increases in times of the novel SARS-Cov2 coronavirus, French parliamentary leader Andre Chassaigne denounced on Wednesday.

Interviewed by Prensa Latina, Chassaigne, who is also a lawmaker from the central department of Puy-de-Dome, warned that Washington’s position is scandalous and ignoble, in a scenario of global concern, which should be marked by solidarity and cooperation.

There is no word to describe a policy aimed at preventing the arrival of medicines and supplies to a nation fighting the pandemic, the president of the Democratic and Republican Left group in the French National Assembly said.

According to Chassaigne, the US scandalous and inhumane behavior escalates with the White House’s efforts to stop Cuba’s aid to other countries hit by the virus.

The lawmaker praised the results of Cuban medicine in such an adverse context and regretted that medicines such as Interferon Alfa 2B and Heberprot-P cannot reach many people in need all over the world.


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