Cuban Baseball Federation Clarifies Paragraphs According to MLB

Havana, Jan 4 (Prensa Latina) For the doubts that still exist on Friday, the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) issued two clarifying notes about the legitimacy of the payment of the release fee for each player hired by the Major League Baseball (MLB).

The one-time fee paid by #MLB to #FCB will be used for the promotion and development of amateur baseball in #Cuba, including local children and youth leagues, explained FCB on its official Twitter account.

Later, in another note published through the same social platform, the governing body of the baseball in Cuba emphasized that ‘#MLB teams will pay a release fee to #FCB, which will not be reduced from the player’s contract. of baseball with the teams of the #MLB. Anyone who says otherwise is #FakeNews. ‘ 

These clarifications come to light to make clear the rules of the agreement, before a series of malicious rumors emerged recently.

The FCB and the MLB arrived on December 19 to an agreement to normalize the hiring of players from Cuba.

The agreement has the consent of the MLB Players Association (MLBPA) and all Cuban baseball players associated with the FCB, who play in the National Series and in the rest of the island’s competition system, will enter.

This agreement, materialized after three years of negotiation, ensures a collaborative, stable and non-politicized relationship between the MLB and the FCB.

Many personalities, in both countries, celebrated the agreement and described it as historic, however, some conservative US politicians and media want to torpedo it, claiming that the benefits will go directly to the coffers of the Cuban government. Both the FCB and the MLB explained to the exhaustion that this alliance will stop illicit activities such as human trafficking, which for several years have put at risk the life and physical integrity of many young talents of Cuban baseball and their families.

Until the signing of the agreement, the blockade of Washington against Havana, imposed more than half a century ago, forced Cuban players to renounce their citizenship in order to sign for major league organizations.

That caused an illegal and totally disorganized exodus to third countries of players that sometimes came to endanger their lives to pursue the dream of playing in the best baseball in the world.


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