Cuban Aid Workers in Angola Debate Constitutional Reform

Luanda, Sep 1 (Prensa Latina) Cuban aid workers in Angola are debating the constitutional reform under way in their country and expressing their criteria today to improve the letter of the document that would replace the Magna Carta in force since 1976.

The most recurrent comments are about the organization of society and the State, in addition to changes in the institution of matrimony.

Most speakers have expressed doubts about the draft Constitution and have submitted their proposals in writing.

Perhaps Article 68 (marriage as the union between two persons) is the most controversial issue, because for some, it is about moving ahead in terms of people’s rights, but for others it should remain the way it was (only the heterosexual union).

The meeting was attended by aid workers from the Cuban clinic Meditex, in Luanda, with the presence of Cuban Ambassador Esther Armenteros, Minister Counsellor Bladimir Martinez and executives from the corporation Antex.

More than 2,000 aid workers rendering their services in all 18 Angolan provinces plan to hold 35 assemblies this month (10 such meetings have already been held), including 11 in Luanda.

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