Cuba, World’s Museums Begin Open Day

Havana, May 18 (Prensa Latina) An open day will take place in Cuba and most of the countries all over the world to celebrate today the International Museum Day, established on this date of 1947 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg).

Since this Thursday, the Decorative Arts Museum in Havana has been developing several events for the occasion, among them the creation of Art Museums’ network in Havana with the aim of advising all these institutions of the Caribbean nation on what they represent for the history and culture of each country.

This system will originally gather about 25 centers for cultural events such as plastic arts and music to be later extended to the rest of the artistic expressions.

At the same time, Spain’s art galleries opened their doors freely today and visitors can visit some of the rarest museums on the mainland.

In the category of rarity are the museums of witches, in Navarra; of salt and pepper shakers, in Alicante; of potty, in Salamanca; of espadrille, in the autonomous community of La Rioja; as well as the Bread Museum, in Mallorca.

Other gates and cultured entrances were opened during this day to welcome dissimilar spectators in European art galleries, American continent and other lands, in the constant search to raise awareness among citizens about these institutions as a mean of cultural exchange, enrichment, and cooperation and peace among peoples.

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