Cuba Will Maintain Aid on Disaster Prevention Despite U.S. Blockade

Havana, Jul 4 (Prensa Latina) The head of the National General Staff of Civil Defense, Major General Ramon Pardo, assured here that Cuba will maintain its international aid on disaster prevention despite the U.S. blockade.

‘Our country that suffers an inhumane and cruel economic, commercial and financial blockade for over five decades is in a position to continue contributing through organizations such as the Association of Caribbean States,’ Pardo ensured to the participants of the 10th International Congress of Disasters.

Pardo also explained the characteristics of the Cuban Civil Defense system, which, he stressed, has its essence in the vision and humanist character of the Revolution and its historical leader, Fidel Castro.

He noted that the island has a national platform to reduce disasters and strengthen resilience, which is constantly improving, he argued.

Among the tools created in the Caribbean nation to reinforce the warning system he mentioned the methodologies for studies of danger, vulnerabilities and territorial risk, and the State’s plan for confronting climate change.

Pardo pointed out that Cuba maintains as a priority the surveillance system and the preparation of the people on rules of behavior and procedures against threats with actions such as the Meteoro exercise, which is carried out annually since 1986.

The 10th International Congress on Disasters, which began on Tuesday and will end on Friday, brings together experts from Cuba and several countries to strengthen collaboration in response to adverse weather events.

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