Cuba Will Host International Workshop on Aseptic Processing

procesamiento-aseptico[1]Havana, Apr 6 (Prensa Latina) The 8th International Workshop on Aseptic Processing in the Biopharmaceutical Industry (PROCEASEP 2015) will take place in Havana from April 15th to 17th, with the presence of international renowned scientists and important figures from the industrial field.

The event, sponsored by the National Biopreparations Center (BioCen), represents a proper framework for the Biopharmaceutical Industry to present and discuss the latest requirements and trends of regulations related with the productions and quality control systems.

It is also a way to know how to implement productions best practices and Exchange new international experiences about aseptic processing.

BioCen expert Carlos Lastra told Prensa Latina that among the most important topics for discussion are aseptic processes, Quality assurance and control, environmental monitoring and cleansing and hygiene of areas.

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