Cuba Wants to Include Complete Gymnastics Team in World Elite

Havana, Dec 30 (Prensa Latina) Cuba wants to include a gymnastics complete team in the world elite, assured Cuban national team head coach, Carlos Gil, on Friday.

In an interview to Prensa Latina, coach Gil stated that the idea to participate in an important international competition with one or two athletes, is being left behind.

‘Everybody is looking for the inclusion of a complete team in the competitions,’ he assured.

Cuban gymnastics, despite it did not reach a medal in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, took the 5th and 6th places in parallel bars and fixed bar, respectively, by Manrique Larduet.

This could be a preamble of what is going to happen in the next Olympic Games cycle, with the sight put on the 2020 Games in Tokyo, Japan.

‘For 2017, we will have a World Cup in May and the Central American classification in July as well as the World Championships in October, where Cuba is intended to assist with four athletes,’ he stated.

‘Currently, the Cuban national team has a shortlist of 12 gymnasts and three in the reserve, with an average of 18 years of age, with the exception of its most experienced exponents Manrique Larduet and Randy Lerú, who are both 20 years old,’ said Gil.

‘We are on one of the best moments for the quality of our gymnasts, and have a great quarry for which the Cuban people will soon feel much satisfaction in the future’, he said.


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