Cuba, Venezuela victims of imperial hatred, unionist says in France

FotosPL: Ileana Piñeiro

Paris, Aug 31 (Prensa Latina) The peoples of Cuba and Venezuela are facing the same US hatred with their economic sanctions, French union leader Matthieu Bolle-Reddat said in Paris on Saturday.

The general secretary of the Versailles Railway Workers’ Union of the General Confederation of Labor told Prensa Latina that both countries deserve the world’s support in the face of Washington’s aggressions.

We condemn the blockade imposed on Venezuela, as we have fought for years the one applied against Cuba, he stressed.

According to Bolle-Reddat, in light of the power of the United States and the hostility of President Donald Trump, progressive forces must appeal to intelligence and courage.

But above all to solidarity, love and resistance to continue in a long and complex struggle, he said.

The French union leader charged that the White House appeals to economic damage and human suffering to try to destroy revolutions marked by social justice.

On Friday, Bolle-Reddat participated in a solidarity event with Venezuela, held in front of the statue of Liberator Simon Bolivar in Paris, to demand the end of the unilateral measures decreed by Trump.


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