Cuba: Varied Cultural Program for 322 Anniversary of Matanzas

Matanzas, Cuba, Sep 29 (Prensa Latina) A cultural program with numerous activities in communities will be carried out here from October 10 to 20, on occasion of the 322 years of the founding of this city.

Artistic director of the celebration Rene Quiros said here at a press conference that on October 12 a solemn session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power will be held for this date.

Matanzas, known since the 19th century as the Athens of Cuba and located some 100 kilometers east of Havana, was founded on October 12, 1693 by thirty families from the Canary Islands.

Quiros said that the activities will begin with the celebration for the Matancero Ausente, a traditional annual meeting with prominent people from Matanzas who work away from the city, to foster the reunion with friends and update the latest events of the city.

“In the opening ceremony a literary event will be held with the eastern city of Holguin as guest and a discussion on the literature in this region”, he said.

National Literature Prize Leonardo Padura will be granted the Honorary Award Founding of Matanzas City, during a tribute organized for him, which includes the screening of the film “Regreso a Itaca” by French director Laurent Cantet.

The cultural celebration for the founding of Matanzas is also dedicated to the anniversary 90th of the birth of playwright Abelardo Estorino and 105th of writer Dora Alonso, as well as two prestigious local institutions: Ediciones Vigia and the Symphony Orchestra.


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