Cuba Using Efficient Irrigation to Cope With Severe Drought

Havana, Mar 11 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is increasing the use of more efficient irrigation techniques to cope with the severe drought that is affecting 70% of its territory, said Saturday an official of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INRH, in Spanish).

Jose Antonio Hernández, head of INRH’s Rational Use of Water section, added that under the supervision and help of the State farmers are introducing crops which are more resistant to lack of water.

He mentioned that agriculture is the largest consumer of water, 60% of the total, that’s why it is relevant to introduce saving mechanisms in this sector.

For his part, INHR’s head of investments Ricardo Limias said that the Institute is pushing ahead projects to build water treatment and desalinization plants, while applying measures to control and curb salt water intrusion.

The State is assigning considerable financial resources, including from international cooperation, to carry out 11 projects that will augment water supply, as the construction of inter-basin transfers of water, drilling new wells and acquiring specialized equipment.

Both INRH officials stressed the need to encourage water saving, as the most important factor in the rational use of this vital resource.


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