Cuba-USA for Forging Different Ties, Says Raul Castro

raul_discursoHavana, Jul 15 (Prensa Latina) President Raúl Castro said today that the resumption of relations between Cuba and the United States means forging a new type of links different from those of all our common history.

During the closing of the Fifth Ordinary Period of Sessions of the Seventh Legislature of the Cuban Parliament, the Cuban president said that on July 20 the diplomatic relations will be officially reestablished and embassies will be open in the two capitals.

“A first stage of the process started on December 17 will end on that day and a new long and complex stage in the road to normalization will start,” he said.

He recalled the Declaration of the Revolutionary Government on July 3 saying that as long as the economic, commercial and financial blockade is in force it is impossible to conceive normal relations between Cuba and the United States.

It will take willpower to find solution to problems accumulated for over five decades that affect the links between our countries and peoples, said Raul Castro.

He highlighted the call of President Barack Obama to the US Congress to lift the blockade, reiterated in his statement of July 1st, and hoped that the US president will continue using his executive powers to dismantle aspects of this policy that causes harm and hardships to the Cuban people.

The Cuban president said that to normalize bilateral links it will also be necessary to give back to Cuba the territory illegally occupied by the Naval Base of Guantanamo and to end illegal radio and television broadcasting to Cuba and eliminate the programs aimed to promote subversion and internal destabilization, and to compensate the Cuban people for human and economic damages caused by the US policies.

He stated that changing everything that has to be changed is the Cuban people’s sovereign, exclusive business.

The revolutionary government is willing to advance in the normalization of relations, certain that the two countries can cooperate and coexist in a civilized way, in mutual interest, beyond the differences we have and will have, and contribute with it to peace, security, stability, development and equity in our country and the world.

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