Cuba: USA breaches obligations as UN host country

United Nations, Feb 27 (Prensa Latina) The United States today fails to fulfill its obligations as host country of the UN and hinders the participation of representatives of official delegations of member states, including Cuba, to the events of the organization.

Cuban Ambassador Oscar León, in charge of Business of the Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations said so and stressed that there is no legal basis covering the restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the United States on access to the UN.

The official Twitter account of the Cuban mission on Thursday shared the statements made by the diplomat in a recent session of the Committee on Relations with the Host Country.

The Cuban ambassador requested that the Committee on Relations with the Host Country and the UN favor a legal solution to the breaches of the United States.

Such violations of Washington disrespect the provisions of the United Nations Charter, the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961, the United Nations Agreement on Privileges and Immunities, the Headquarters Agreement and the recommendations adopted for years in the Committee’s reports. he added.

Cuba, Leon Gonzalez explained, has affected his participation in meetings of representatives and experts due to the non-issuance or delay of visas; as well as he suffered the expulsion of two of his diplomats accredited to the UN in September 2019.

The delegation of the island resists the mistreatment to which its diplomatic couriers are subjected in this headquarters. Meanwhile, Cuban officials and diplomatic personnel accredited to the organization are imposed restrictions, he said.

Thus, the ambassador continued, members of the Cuban mission at the UN can only move within the island of Manhattan, which hinders the development of their functions and the living conditions of them and their families. The ambassador denounced that the United States cannot continue to use its Host Country status with impunity to selectively and arbitrarily apply the Headquarters Agreement based on its political agenda and prevent certain nations from fully fulfilling their functions as members of the UN.

With this arbitrary, selective and discriminatory policy, Leon stressed, Washington deliberately affects the full and effective functioning of the United Nations, as well as undermines multilateralism.


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