Cuba urges international cooperation against Covid-19

Cuba urges international cooperation against Covid-19

Havana, Apr 16 (Prensa Latina) Cuba today called for international cooperation and solidarity in confronting the Covid-19 pandemic, regardless of the political differences of the governments.

The virus does not respect borders or ideologies. It threatens everyone’s life and it is everyone’s responsibility to confront it, affirms a statement from the island’s Foreign Ministry released here.

The text indicates that the international community faces this global threat at a time when the greatest military, economic, technological and communicational power on the planet fuels and promotes conflicts, divisions, chauvinism and supremacist and racist positions.

It also denounces the serious military threats of the United States against Venezuela, and the neo-colonial declarations also issued against Nicaragua and Cuba.

Likewise, it condemns Washington’s pressure against Cuba’s efforts to provide solidarity to those countries that have requested cooperation to face the health emergency.

The United States commits a crime and its officials know this when, in the midst of a pandemic, attacking Cuba’s international cooperation, it intends to deprive millions of people of the universal human right to health services, the text says.

He also affirms that the island continues to respond to requests for cooperation without stopping to evaluate political coincidences or economic advantages, and has assigned 21 brigades of health professionals to join the health effort of some twenty countries.

These, he says, are added or reinforced to medical collaboration brigades in 60 nations, which have joined the effort to combat this disease where they already provided services.

Remember that the largest of the Antilles shares drugs with proven efficacy in the prevention or treatment of disease and personal, and provides experiences on specific treatments for the prevention or treatment of disease.

It is very difficult to hope that the eventual end of the pandemic will lead to a fairer, safer and more decent world if the international community, represented by the governments of each country, does not rush to reconcile and adopt decisions that until now they have proven stubbornly evasive, he says.

The declaration states that it is still time to act and to mobilize the will of those who today have the responsibility to do so; if left for future generations, it may be too late, he says.

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