Cuba Updates Tax Policy for Self-Employed Workers

Havana, Jul 10 (Prensa Latina) The Ministry of Finance and Prices is currently making tax adjustments according to improvement of self-employment without affecting the tax burden of these taxpayers, said Vladimir Regueiro, Director of Revenue Policy of that entity.

In statements to the press, Regueiro said that the changes respond to the spirit of accompanying the orderly development of this form of management, promoting the tax culture of the population and improving the mechanisms for controlling the payment of taxes.

The new provisions, published today in the extraordinary Official Gazette number 35 on its website, seek to minimize evading behavior in society and its consequent impact on the state budget, the official said.

According to the director, the sector will maintain a tax rate between 25 and 35 percent, which is what is established for this form of management.

Regueiro recalled that, for self-employment, there are two tax regimes.

The general regime, oriented to the most complex activities, is characterized by the monthly payment of the tax on the service or sales and presents a sworn statement at the end of the year, while the other is the simplified regime that is distinguished by the payment of consolidated fees, he added.

In the case of people who work as hired workers, for example, their fees remain unchanged even when the licensee who hires them has an increase in the tax to be paid, the official said.

The norm will come into force after 150 days of its publication in the Official Gazette of Cuba.

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