Cuba to the forefront by respect for the rights of women

By Mariela Peña Seguí/ Radio Cadena Agramonte

Dec 14 – The mere fact of being female condemns women and girls from all over the world to see violated their human rights.

Certainly, humanity has advanced in the recognition of the rights of women, but, in spite of significant legal developments, there is a huge gap between the formal recognition of those rights and the real possibility to enjoy them.

The Cubans could lead the list of achievements in terms of equity and rights of citizens of struggles and challenges, in a society that does not discriminate against women.

Their insertion in the country’s development process, both as beneficiaries and active players, should be assessed as one of the most successful social phenomena that have occurred in the last half century in Cuba.

But its prominence not only materializes in the political and economic level, but also in the social field will develop programs that benefit us, such as the mother-to-child, the early detection of cervical, uterine and breast cancer, and others that give priority to illnesses specific to women and to biological processes such as pregnancy, motherhood and the climacteric.

Cuba was the first country to sign and the second to ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 18 December 1979.

Today, when many women in the world still do not know their own rights as human beings, Cuba is a flag to many nations.

This country flying with pride their achievements in equity and in the struggle for a world where men and women are respected equally.

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