Cuba to Review National Biodiversity Strategy

Havana, Mar 17 (Prensa Latina) The Institute of Ecology and Systematics (IES) will host a workshop on updating the National Biodiversity Strategy and its plan of action, in Havana from March 24 thru 26..

To review and consensuate actions and proposals presented by specialists from all the provinces in the country is one of the objectives of the meeting, forming part of a project of the World Program for the Environment and the Program of United Nations for Development (UNDP).

During the work sessions will also be presented the international projects (Sabana-Camagüey, Invading Exotic Species, Connecting Mountain Landscapes, southern archipelagos, Biological Caribbean Corridor, Reduction of environmental vulnerability), integrated experiences to the National Strategy.

Daysi Vilamajo, expert of the IES, explained to Prensa Latina that the workshop has the intention to elaborate a document that reflects the biological diversity of the country, and how to handle this issue in the communicational media.

She said that in this event will participate journalists and communicators, who with their contributions and experiences, will favor the design of actions.

It’s the first time the press will work with scientists in the preparation of a report of this category, giving ideas and strategies”, affirmed Vilamajo.

The National Strategy for Biological Diversity and the Plan of Action of the Republic of Cuba are based on three basic pillars: know, conserve and use sustainably the biological diversity and includes, among other, directives, targets, objectives and diagnostic.


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