Cuba to Present Experiences on Use of Biogas Technology in Panama

cumbreamericas6[1]Havana, Apr 3.- The use of biogas as a renewable energy source with community involvement is one of the experiences that Cuba will present at the civil society forum preceding the VII Summit of the Americas in Panama. Doctor of Sciences José Antonio Guardado Chacón, a CUBASOLAR specialist, told Prensa Latina that for 30 years the country has been developing this technology, which seeks a sustainable environment and the welfare of the community.

This is a new modality, the Cuban nation is the only in the continent that has society participation as its main ally, said Guardado who specializes in wastewater treatment systems, biogas plants and environmental management.

He further explained that the experience emerged in 1983 in central Cuba, as an initiative developed by the Biogas-Users Network (MUB-Spanish acronym): a voluntary and solidarity group, which had as main stage Cuban countryside and rural areas, own-consumption farms, pig farms, small producers, and users as part of the Local Development strategies.

Biogas is an energy carrier, a renewable energy source, mainly used in food production, but it can also be used in power generation, welding, some even use it as an insecticide and bactericide, biofertilizer and compost for soil fertilization, among others.

More than a hundred representatives of the Cuban civil society, social actors, youth, intellectuals, farmers, cooperatives, entrepreneurs and scholars will participate in forums and parallel activities to the VII Summit of the Americas, an event that Cuba will attend for the first time.

From 8 to 10 April, the civil society in the hemisphere will address issues related to democratic governance and citizen participation, migration, security, energy, environment, health and education. (Prensa Latina)

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