Cuba To Improve System of Attention to the Elderly

Havana, Dec 11 (Prensa Latina) It is necessary to create a culture about aging because by year 2050, the number of seniors in Cuba will be over 3.5 million, according to a study.

During the Conference of the Global Institute of Mental Health, Professor Humberto Arencibia said that over 1,400 centenarians are living in Cuba now, and the number of elderly reach 2.45 million, or 19 percent of the population.

A New Comprehensive Program on Aging, of the Center of Research on the Elderly (CITE), led by Arencibia, reveals figures and plans strategies to face the challenge that is the increase of the elderly population in Cuba.

“The study deals with cerebral aging and cognitive deterioration, and takes into account biological, and economic factors; it is being carried out with the Center of Neurosciences (Ceneuro),” commented Arencibia.

However, the expert acknowledged that the sociological lines must be promoted even more in these studies.

“It is an ambitious program that will allow us to make decisions, organize health services and take better care of our elderly,” he told Prensa Latina in te meeting of Ceneuro, scheduled to end on Dec.11.

Now, as part of the Program, the authorities are promoting the schools of elderly minders countrywide. Arencibia added that the Houses for the Elderly are being repaired and the conditions are being improved to guarantee the quality of life of the visitors and also admit the elderly that are differently abled, so that their relatives will now be able to work.

In 35 years Cuba is set to become the country with the oldest population in Latin America, according to studies.


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