Cuba to Host International Convention of Anthropology

anthropos2015[1]Havana, Mar 10 (Prensa Latina) Researchers, professionals from different disciplines and students are attending the International Convention of Anthropology Anthropos 2015, scheduled until the 13th of this month at the Center of Conventions in Havana. According to the organizing committee, the meeting will have simultaneous activities as the III Ibero-American Congress of Anthropology.

The Convention includes the Twelfth Symposium of Physical Anthropology Luis Montane, the Eighth Congress Primates as National Heritage, the Fifth Colloquium Primates through the Caribbean and the Fifth Symposium of Anthropology Manuel Rivero de la Calle.

The convention will deal with subjects concerning indigenous peoples, demographics, aging, sport, work, legal, ethical, human, urban and rural ecology, nutrition and food.

They will also be addressed issues related to linguistics, politics, philosophy, economics, religion, migration, education, tourism, art, ethnicity, racism, ethno-demography and culture, among others.

The event was summoned by the Anthropological Museum and the Department of Anthropology Luis Montane, from the Faculty of Biology, University of Havana, the Cuban Society of Biological Anthropology, the Society of Primates Eopithecus Studies of Mexico, the Latin American Association of Biological Anthropology, the Cuban Institute of Anthropology and Fernando Ortiz Foundation.

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