Cuba to Host Concert to Honor Ernesto Lecuona

Havana, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuban pianist Huberal Herrera will give a concert on Saturday to honor composer Ernesto Lecuona, whose work marks the history of music in Cuba and still inspires creative artists worldwide.

Herrera has devoted great part of his life to study and perform the work of the greatest Cuban musician, as critics define Lecuona, and on occasion of his 120th birthday, he will give a recital at the National Library tonight.

According to experts, Herrera is one of the greatest executioners of the music composed by Lecuona, who was a prodigy as a pianist and a composer, as he gave his first concert when he was five years old and composed his first piece for a concert band at the age of 13.

Gonzalo Roig, Rodrigo Prats and Lecuona make the most important trilogy of composers of Cuban opera, particularly zarzuelas, to which style they contributed. Among Lecuona’s zarzuelas are “Canto Siboney,” “Lola Cruz,” “Diablos y Fantasias,” “El Batey,” “El Cafetal,” “La Flor del Sitio,” “Tierra de Venus,” “Rosa la China,” and the famous “Maria la O,” which has been staged in Cuba, Spain and Mexico.

Herrera will pay tribute to Lecuona again on September 12 at the San Felipe Neri Oratorio in this capital, where he will also play works by German musician Ludwig van Beethoven, on the occasion of his 245th birthday, and Polish musician Frederic Chopin on his 205th birthday.


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