Cuba to expand internet despite US subversion: Minister

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March 21, HAVANA (Gadgets Now): Cuba is set to continue expanding internet access despite the US’ new “political programme” aimed at carrying out “subversive activities” in the country, a minister said.

At the inauguration of the 12th International Conference and Fair here on Monday, Communications Minister Maimir Mesa said the Cuban government would “continue to develop the use of information and communication technologies”, Xinhua news agency reported.

“It is ironic that the US government has established a task force with the supposed objective of helping the Cuban people enjoy new technologies,” he said.

The US State Department created a Cuba internet Task Force in January claiming to examine “technological challenges and opportunities to expand internet access in Cuba and help the Cuban people enjoy a free and unregulated information flow”.

Havana sees the task force as an attempt to violate its sovereignty and seek “political subversion” in the Carribean country.

During the past several years, Cuba has launched a group of programmes to improve internet service and speed up its digital network so as to promote connectivity across the country, the minister said.

Cuba had registered a significant jump in terms of the number of internet users in 2017, with over 4 million Cubans, or about 40% of the population, having access to the internet, according to official figures.

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