HAVANA, Aug.11 (NNN-XINHUA) — Starting from Wednesday, Cuban artists may apply for state funding for cultural projects with no commercial purposes.

The Extraordinary Official Gazette No. 22, issued by the island’s authorities, published a set of rules organizing the provision of funds in Cuban Pesos and Convertible Pesos directly to writers, artists and groups of artists, regardless of age, cultural projects for non-commercial purposes.

According to the new requirements, the endowment will be granted by the Ministry of Culture through its institutes and councils and the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), and through the issuance of bank instruments on behalf of writers or artists.

The criteria for deciding which projects will benefit include the quality of the proposals, their social impact, the level of interest among cultural institutes and organizations, and the responsibility and experience of the artists.

These grants will be exempt from taxes. However, if the resulting work is eventually used for commercial purposes, the artist and the institution must pay the established market taxes.

The money support to private cultural non-profits projects was approved by the Cuban government in February 2015.–NNN-XINHUA

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