Cuba to Apply Bonuses to Electronic Purchases

Havana, May 3 (Prensa Latina) Cuba advances in the computerization of its society by implementing a bonus for the electronic purchase of products and services in its retail chain, it was reported here today.

At a press conference, officials of the Central Bank of Cuba informed that the benefits of purchases at the stores will range between two and five percent reduction, and depending on the sales chain and the rates handled by the banks to which the client is affiliated.

Users with RED debit cards from Bancos de Credito y Comercio, Banco Popular de Ahorro and Banco Metropolitano associated with salary, incentives, retirees and savings accounts will receive the perks. This will apply for those who have magnetic support in convertible pesos (CUC) or Cuban pesos (CUP).

Banking entities may also have higher discounts if they deem it convenient.

The customer, in turn, may verify that the balance owed is less than the value of the goods by consulting the ATM or through the mobile banking service.

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