Cuba: the embargo costs tourism more than 1.7 million dollars

Cuba: the embargo costs tourism more than 1.7 million dollarsOn Cuba ?0/17/17 –The U.S. economic embargo cost Cuban tourism more than 1.7 billion dollars between April 2016 and June 2017. According to a report published in the state-run press, tourism is the sector most affected in this period because of the financial and commercial restrictions imposed on the island by the U.S. government.

The Cuban authorities estimate that if U.S. tourists could travel freely to Cuba, the island would collect 1.5 billion dollars a year with those visits. In addition, it would obtain 15 million for the mooring of yachts from the United States with an average stay of a week, as well as other incomes that would amount to almost 1.702 billion dollars now declared as losses.

After the thaw between the two countries announced in December 2014, the Obama administration relaxed some of his country’s sanctions against Cuba and approved 12 categories to make flexible the trips of U.S. citizens to the island for religious, cultural, educational, humanitarian aid reasons or personal exchange with the Cuban people, among others.

He also allowed the resumption of commercial flights and cruise trips to Cuba, after half a century of being suspended.

These measures brought about a notable increase of visitors from the United States: in 2016 285,000 Americans traveled to Cuba, while between January and May of this year 284,565 did so, according to official data.

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