Cuba supports Venezuela as a friend, president says

Photo: Twitter @TelePinar
Pinar del Rio, Cuba, Sep 17 (Prensa Latina) President Miguel Diaz-Canel stated in this province that Cuba supports Venezuela as a friend, as a sister revolution, but that it cannot influence its decisions, nor its determination to triumph.

Our doctors, teachers, sports and cultural workers favor the progress of that nation, but we do not force Venezuelans to defend their revolution nor do we have 25,000 military personnel there, as some have claimed, the Cuban president stressed.

The current US administration has created the idea that its failure in Venezuela is thanks to Cuba, they have said that we behave badly as if they had the moral standing to judge the behavior of our country, Diaz-Canel noted.

The United States has increased persecution of shipping and oil companies, which has caused an energy crisis in Cuba that impacts the economy and which it tries to blame on the inadequacies of the Cuban government.

The Washington-imposed economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba is defined as an obsolete policy, condemned every year by the vast majority of United Nations member states.


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