Cuba Supports Unicef’s Efforts to Reduce Infant Mortality

United Nations, Feb 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuba supports the efforts of the United Nations Children”s Fund (Unicef) in the Every Child Alive campaign, which seeks to reduce the high rate of infant mortality in the world.

At the launch of the campaign at the UN headquarters in New York, Cuban Ambassador Ana Silvia Rodriguez said that at the end of 2017 Cuba had an infant mortality rate of 4.1 per 1,000 live births, the lowest in its history.

Nevertheless, Unicef statistics indicate that newborn babies mortality rate is alarmingly high in the world, particularly in poorest countries.

According to a new report issued by Unicef, eight of the 10 most dangerous places to be born are located in sub-Saharan Africa, where pregnant women are given very little health care due to poverty, conflicts and a weak institutional response.

Unicef said that Pakistan, the Central African Republic and Afghanistan have the highest mortality rates, while Japan, Iceland and Singapore have the lowest rates.

Unicef recognizes Cuba’s efforts as one the countries that has made more sustained progress regarding the survival and progress of children.

Unicef boost joint actions as part of the program of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba for mothers and children.

According to Unicef’s representative in Cuba Maria Machicado Teran, such a low infant mortality rate shows the great commitment of Cuba to the health of children.

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