Cuba Summons International Convention on Innovative University

Varadero, Cuba, Sep 7 (Prensa Latina) Directives and professionals of business science will debate here on problems and solutions in the business world, at the Scientific International Convention Integrated and Innovative (CIUM), according to a summons published here.

Organized by the center of High Studies of the western province of Matanzas, the event will be held from April 10 thru 14, 2017 at the Convention Center Plaza America of this beach resort, some 140 kilometers east of Havana.

Papers, posters, workshops, short courses, round tables, lectures, scientific book and journals presentation, product exhibition and learning materials, conferences will be part of a wide agenda of this venue.

The organizing committee highlighted the variety of workshops included in the event as Engineering, Teaching, Application of Basic Sciences, Environmental Education for Sustainable Development, Basic and Post-Graduate Formation, Business Science and Tourism.

Socialize experiences of the goods and services enterprises, management of human capital, supply and logistic chain and business-financial administration are among the objectives of the event.

CIUM-2017 will be aimed also to researchers, educators and students of the different school levels which are linked to the basic sciences aimed at sustainable development, according to the call.

An important chapter will be the one focused on the so-called ‘industry without chimneys’, as the event will have lectures on Tourism Planning, Social-community Development, Urban tourism, and Tools for the management of tourism activity.


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