Cuba Summer: Enough Energy, No Blackouts

Havana.- The electric power output in the country is higher than its demand this summer, some 750 megawatts, which implies no planned blackouts, said Electric Company official.

In statements to Granma newspaper, the director the National Electric Charge Control Center with the Electric Company, Pável Angulo said that the so-called blackouts are electricity cuts aimed at coping with the demand in the face of a power generation deficit.

Following complaints sent to the daily by the people on current power cuts, Angulo said that such cuts were due to network damage and other unexpected events, along with ongoing maintenance and other works done to meet requests by issued by the people in local voters´ assemblies.

These works, which are always announced before taking place, are useful to avoid unexpected power interruptions, eliminate low-voltage zones and minimize loss of electricity, the official noted.

He explained that in 2016, the National Electric company has carried out network rehabilitation works, particularly in Havana, which has the largest networks, and this includes the replacement of 99.7 kilometers of network components. (acn)

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