Cuba successfully applies blood plasma treatment for Covid-19

Havana, May 21 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is successfully applying treatment to 16 Covid-19 patientes, who are seriously ill, with hyper immune blood plasma, Dr. Francisco Duran, Cuba’s head of Epidemiology, told on Thursday the media in his daily press briefings.

The director of the Epidemiology Department of the Ministry of Health explained that there are 14 cases in Havana and another two in the central province of Villa Clara, and they all have a favorable evolution.

Thanks to the plasma donation made by people recovered from the disease who are in good health, he added, the treatment has been applied with very good results.

According to Durán, the protocol is also used in other countries and is based on using the blood plasma of a person recovered from Covid-19 so that the antibodies present in it contribute to the recovery of other patients.

The technique, he added, has also been applied to other diseases such as Ebola, generally with positive results.

The specialist explained that when a person’s body comes into contact with a foreign agent such as a bacteria or a virus, it immediately generates antibodies to defend itself and after recovery these always remain in the blood.

Sometimes, he continued, the antibodies last a lifetime. It is the case of diseases such as measles or chicken pox, while other times they remain for a certain time, he said.

Regarding Covid-19, research has not yet been able to determine with certainty the duration of these antibodies, but there is always a sufficient level that allows hyper immune plasma to be used for treatment.

Dr. Duran reported 8 new positive cases for a grand total of 1,908, of which 223 are active, with 1,603 recoveries and 80 deaths.

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