Cuba stands out worldwide in humanitarian support against Covid-19

Cuba stands out worldwide in humanitarian support against Covid-19

Paris, Jul 30 (Prensa Latina) The Cuba Cooperation France (CubaCoop) Association said on Thursday that the assistance provided by the Caribbean island in the fight against Covid-19 stands out worldwide, a good reason to grant the Nobel Peace Prize to its doctors.

‘No country in the world has contributed such a great humanitarian support in the fight against the pandemic,’ the organization said in a weekly newsletter.

In that regard, it noted that the Henry Reeve medical brigades are everywhere and have been welcomed and honored due to their unbreakable devotion, professionalism and commitment.

According to the association, in the difficult context caused by Covid-19, Cuba has responded exceptionally to the pandemic that is hitting the planet and is causing thousands of victims, by sending doctors to more than 30 countries.

Those medical brigades, which are specialized in situations of disasters, catastrophes and epidemics, were created in 2005 by Fidel Castro. Since then, they have saved thousands of lives in several parts of the world, the association noted.

For CubaCoop, the exceptional humanitarian assistance from the personnel of the Henry Reeve brigades against Covid-19 is worth being acknowledged with the Nobel Peace Prize.


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