Cuba stands out among the islands with the largest plant diversity

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 12 (acn) Cuba is fourth among the islands with the largest pant diversity in the world with some 7 thousand 500 species and a high number of endemic vegetation, according to an article in the official Granma daily.

However, due to the misuse of nature by humanity, some 48 percent of the Cuban species are in danger of extinction. This demands major education on the values of the national flora as a premise to saving that in danger of disappearing.

Specialists from the National Botanical Garden in Holguin province and the Onaney Muniz National Herbarium belonging to the Ecology and Systematic Institute of the Environment agency of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment elaborated a monograph called The 50 Most Threatened Plants in Cuba.

This monograph is new in the world because it is focuses on a specific country (up until today there was only one dedicated to the European region), is focused on a document of important scientific interest and practical due to the detailed information on each one of the plants; characteristics, dangers, habitat and how to conserve them and texts with excellent quality photographs.

In correspondence to the The Top 50 Plants campaign sponsored by the International Union for Nature Conservation and part of the 2015-2020 National Program on Biological Diversity, the monograph obtained the 2015 National Award of the Cuban Science Academy.

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