Cuba: Rossemberg Rivas to Design Next Tropicana Show

San Salvador, May 3 (Prensa Latina) The Salvadoran designer Rossemberg Rivas will design the costume, lighting and other elements for the next show at the famous Tropicana cabaret in Cuba.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, the renowned designer explained that this week the artistic shows agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Turarte, and the company Universo Rossemberg, directed by Rossember Rivas, will sign an agreement for this purpose.

The signing of the agreement will allow negotiations to start updating the aesthetic material, the costume design, lighting and will provide technical advice in order to bring a new, more contemporary and more international image to the Tropicana show, he said.

This project began to take shape a year ago, said Rossemberg Rivas, who considers himself a lover of Cuban culture.

Regarding his connection with the Cuban art , he recalled that by personal initiative six years ago Universo Rossemberg began supporting different cultural organizations on the island.

Universo Rossemberg’s first approach was with the Cuban National Ballet and in his first trip to Cuba had the opportunity to meet the prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso and right there he felt that his visit was something special, he said.

Since then he has visited the country 36 times because he considered that he should help the Cuban culture with costume designs for shows, creating atmospheres for scenarios with the lighting, creating set designs and showing how to use design in the world of entertainment, he said.

‘Our great adventure started with the Cuban National Ballet and then we established agreements regarding costume production between my company and costume workshops of Cuba’, he said.

“We donated fabrics, we were moved by “pure passion”, the well-known designer said.

“Soon we met with independen groups, musicians, artists, and then we were pleasantly surprised with an invitation to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Lyric Theater of Cuba’, Rivas said.

The National Lyric Theater celebrated its 50th anniversary with the opera The Magic Flute by Mozart and Rivas designed the costumes. For this work he found inspiration in the Salvadoran painter and writer Salvador Salazar Arrué.

According to Rivas, currently he maintains very tight links with that company.

‘Last year Circuba also invited me to participate as a jury to selec the winner spectacle” he said.

‘That is how our close ties with Circuba began. We design costumes for the circus artists and the costumes are made in El Salvador, he added.

All these activities are the background of this great news, said the Salvadoran designer, who also expressed gratefulness and excitement about the agreement.

He noted that since 1939 Tropicana has had only three costume designers and now he was invited to assume this responsibility along with the art director and the scriptwriter of the new cabaret show.

This week will also take place the Chanel fashion show, one of the most anticipated events in the fashion world.

We will be in charge of the dinner reception for Chanel at Tropicana, where ‘we will exhibit costumes of my private collection between shows, as well as in the main hall of the cabaret’, he said.

On May 5 the agreement will be formally signed, which I find very interesting, because for the first time Tropicana will have a foreign designer, although I feel Cuban in my heart, Rivas said.


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