Cuba Revitalizes Medicine with Proven Therapeutic Efficacy

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By Martha Cabrales Arias

Santiago de Cuba, Dec 14 (Prensa Latina) The Policosanol or PPG master plan is underway to revitalize this natural medicine of Cuba, which has a remarkable therapeutic efficacy, 20 years after the beginning of its generalization.

Dr. Rafael Gámez, director of Laboratorios Dalmer SA, which produces this medicine born in the National Center for Scientific Research (Cenic), explained that it is about responding to the growing international and national demand despite the time elapsed.

This strategy responds, stated the expert, to the fact the patents have an expiration date so they require a renewal to face the increase of requests of that formula that maintains its proven beneficial qualities for the human health.

Gámez comented they have signed contracts with companies in China, Korea and Australia until 2021, with considerable sales volumes amounting to millions of dollars and reaching tens of millions, mainly to independent groups.

To sustain that rising slope after that year, pointed out the director of Dalmer SA, it is necessary to find new applications, formulations and combinations with other products that give added values and contribute to maintain it in the fullness of its properties.

The specialist insisted that this process should also lead to the achievement of a PPG plus, with a new formulation or a new way to make it more effective and powerful preserving its essential attributes or treasures that are its security and tolerability.

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