Cuba Rejects U.S. Sanctions against Venezuela

Havana, Mar 1 (Prensa Latina) Cuba condemned Friday the US economic sanctions against Venezuela and described them as brutal, cruel and illegal for the human damage and deprivation they cause.

Lift sanctions if you have humanitarian concerns’, warned Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Twitter, in a context in which Washington uses the pretext of a supposed humanitarian crisis as a spearhead to impose a regime change in Caracas.

Rodriguez demanded that the U.S. government return 30 billion usurped dollars to Venezuela as part of the actions to economically and financially drown it.

The United States recently announced new sanctions against officials of the South American country, including freezing of assets and travel bans. White House unilateral measures tend to raise questions within the United Nations, because they are established outside the approved mechanisms for analyzing and imposing them, in particular the Security Council.

The Cuban Foreign Minister also denounced on Twitter that Washington is continuing its plan of military aggression against the Bolivarian Revolution.

He alerted that despite Thursday´s failure to achieve an anti-Venezuelan resolution in the UN Security Council, vetoed by Russia and China, the US government will persist in its plans.

Rodriguez urged the international community to defend peace and keep it in Latin America above all differences.


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