Cuba reiterates its solidarity with Italy against COVID-19

Rome, Mar 12 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Embassy in Italy today reiterated its solidarity with the people and authorities of this country in dealing with the health emergency caused by the coronavirus COVID-19.

In a statement in which it informed about the detection of the contagion in three Italian tourists who are currently on the island, the diplomatic mission of the Caribbean nation referred to the statements made by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez about the pandemic.

‘These are times of solidarity, of understanding health as a human right and not as a business, of strengthening international cooperation as a way to face our common challenges. In the prevention and containment of the new coronavirus, a global effort is necessary,’ said the Cuban foreign minister.

Cuba’s stance, absolutely committed to the health of the Cuban people and always willing to cooperate internationally, is reaffirmed in difficult circumstances such as these, states the note published by the embassy.

‘We are convinced,’ it says, ‘that Italy, by putting all its significant potential as a nation, be it institutional, social, scientific, economic and cultural, and by uniting all in favor of health, will be able to overcome this global challenge.’

The note reiterates its ‘concerned thought’ for all Cuban citizens residing in Italy and urges them to keep abreast of the information coming from official sources in both countries and to strictly comply with the indications of the authorities in the context of the emergency.


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