Cuba records 95% heart surgery survival rate

CubaCUBA says it has achieved a heart surgery survival rate of 95 per cent.

Addressing the Cardiovilla 2015 International Congress in Cayo Santa Maria, Villa Clara, Cuban Society of Cardiology president Dr Eduardo Rivas said the communist island had achieved a heart surgery survival rate of over 95 per cent including coronary and vascular operations and those linked to congenital heart defects.

He said the figure placed Cuba among the most advanced countries in that field.

Dr Rivas said heart disease remained one of the leading causes of death in Cuba, hence the importance of the work carried out by the 600 doctors who make up the Society of Cardiology in combating those conditions.

He said the Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara Cardiology Centre in Cuba’s central province of Villa Clara was an institution with the best indicators in the country.

“In the majority of the measurable parameters in this field, including a survival rate for vascular surgery, the Centre has success rate of over 99 per cent,” he said.

Dr Rivas said that success rate corresponded to the will of government to improve the population’s quality of life together with the efforts of the existing cardio-surgical network across the country.

He said also said excellent results in paediatric heart surgery, with a high rate of effectiveness, was a result of early diagnosis of sick children with immediate intervention before the disease develops.

Some 278 delegates from 21 countries attended the congress that ran from Thursday to Saturday.  The congress discussed topics on addressing cardiac and vascular surgery, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiac imaging and all areas relating to preventive care.

The event also saw presentation of products from several leading international firms in the manufacture of equipment and supplies for the treatment of heart disease.

Larry Moonze,
October 11, 2015


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