Cuba Recognized in the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Material

Havana.- Cuba is a member of the reduced number of countries accredited by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), for having all its nuclear materials declared exclusively used for peaceful means, said an expert in Havana.

There is no material in the country or nuclear activity that is not informed to the IAEA said engineer Alba Guillen Campos, Director of the National Nuclear Security Center during an activity for the 25th anniversary of the institution.

Guillen Campos attributed the efficiency of the National System of Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials in addition to the strict compliance of the international commitments of nonproliferation taken on by the country.

The duty of the center, professional ethics and responsibility that implies regular and controlling the use of the ionized radiation have allowed for the group of workers the respect and prestige of the international community, said during the commemoration ceremony held at the Cuban Academy of Sciences.

She mentioned of the existence of a Security and Quality Policy that expressed the obligation with security and the need to achieve excellence in the execution of its functions.

She recalled that in 2000 when the Security Culture Program began, the center was the first in the region in the development of the sector and even carried out 15 regulatory conferences for the promotion and interaction with authorities of the entities.

The consolidation of our regulatory authority and is regional recognition led to an invitation in becoming a member of the Ibero American Forum of Radiological and Nuclear Regulatory Organizations in 1997, currently with 9 affiliates, she said.

Alba Guillen highlighted that her institution has a sustained relationship with the IAEA through projects that have allowed the development of issues related with radiology and nuclear security and has contributed to the training of Cuban personnel.

The institution is one of the centers of the Office of Environmental Regulation and Nuclear Security as well as the Environmental Inspection and Control, Biological Security and Chemical Security. (acn), March 30, 2016

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